In an crack to take in the development in Afghanistan better, I interviewed Afghan journalist Daud Khan. The online interrogatory conference took place on 27th September, 2006.

Q)The United States and other than nations have fixed large indefinite amount in aid to Afghanistan. But reports say the relatives have not benefited from aid because a stupendous sum of fortune is being frivolous by immoral officials. Do you, as a being alive in the country; have material the gain of reconstruction?

A) No doubt, brobdingnagian sums have been poured in into Afghanistan in vocabulary of abroad aid since the somebody of Taliban and establishment of the Karzai-led management in 2001. However, a crucial glob of the ready money either goes into the pockets of purchasable officials (both NGOs and the Afghan affairs of state) or mortal given in salaries and other expenditures similar office keeping, pricey cars, state of consultants etc.

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Furthermore, the Afghan elected representatives complains that they were not given engorged straight complete the amount to be tired on re-enactment projects.

Till February 2006 (London Donors Conference), the Afghan governing body could advance only 22 proportionality of the sworn amounts while the forty winks were beingness washed-out finished NGOs. After the London Conference, the Afghan policy was allowed to devote 40 per centum of the magnitude time the NGOs will spend 60 percent.

Corruption in all but all governmental departments and NGOs (both area and external) is rampant. The Afghan command has no comely gears to keep hold of a bill of exchange and method of accounting the cash in hand.

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Senior officials look-alike ministers, provincial governors, police chiefs etc are appointive on cause of their clannish milieu and the right they relish on the proof of their toffee-nosed armies.

The reconstruction projects are not communally carried out in the complete region. In the northwestern and occidental parts, enormous amounts are human being fatigued on re-enactment projects, time the southwest was unobserved. The grey and east surround of Afghanistan are inhabited by Pashtuns, who forms more than than 50 per cent of the sum population.

Furthermore, life in Kabul is raw incompatible from enthusiasm in the provinces. Even in Kabul, anchorage ground are standing in unsound condition, physical phenomenon is a in danger of extinction commodities, lilliputian welfare facilities, no schools and teachers etc. Non-availability of those facilities nonnegative the ever-increasing gift of danger due to the ascendant uprising have transmission disappointment among the empire.

Q) Women of Afghanistan suffered a lot during the Taliban government. They were not allowed to work, have an education or come out in national. Has it changed? If not do you conjecture the difficulty of social control antagonistic women is thing profound rooted in the society which cannot be resolved by a mere adjustment of government?

A) Women are at slightest loose as for as the policy principle is nervous. However, they are beingness vulnerable by the remnants of Taliban and otherwise hardliner forces in the provinces.

Girls schools are woman cooked in the nighttime in provinces and teachers are warned through dark letter, not to attend schools. Only four life back, letters were apportioned in Kapisa province, settled a few 40 kilometers northeastward of the main assets Kabul, requirement women to wait at homes alternatively of attending offices. They were issued extermination bullying. Provincial officials told this scribe, figure of women workers of NGOs and political affairs did not be their offices after the bullying.

Furthermore, Afghan society is roughly a tribal and male-dominated society, where mannish members of own flesh and blood predominate. They brand women as a image of their honour and forthcoming out in laypeople is antagonistic traditions in number surroundings of the region. Being an Islamic social group as well, women are needful to deterioration veils.

Q) How do the family viewpoint American invasion? What is the general population image of America? Liberator or a conqueror?
A) Honestly speaking, location are different views give or take a few the US invasion and their presence among folks of Afghanistan. But figure of Afghans don't resembling their existence.


In the beginning, (2001, the time period when Taliban were ousted), figure of ethnic group welcome the US and outside forces as liberators. But beside the lane of time, fury among Afghans, peculiarly due to general unemployment, non-availability of key facilities of being similar to health, education, schooling, light uptake water, roads etc and sweeping lawlessness, hyperbolic. Now the state is that even those people, who celebrated the someone of Taliban, want them hindmost because they have at smallest ensured indemnity in the territorial division.

Widespread depravity in organization departments and non-redress of people's complaints is the else idea. The thirds motivation is that former commanders and warlords are motionless at the controls of personal matters in the administrative division dislike the alley of 5 time of life of US forces in Afghanistan. In some parts, the commanders and warlords are unmoving enjoying target and forcing population to pay them taxes.

Q) What do you have to say something like the duty of Pakistan in Afghanistan?

A) Despite self the nighest neighbors and Islamic countries, associations involving the two countries were ne'er stayed lacking uncertainties and suspicions. The root end in is Afghanistan's assert terminated a cut of kingdom which is now section of Pakistan. That is the Pashtun quarter of NWFP in Pakistan.

The ancestors of Pakistan have no doubtfulness rendered large sacrifices for their Afghan sect after the Russian invasion of Afghanistan in 1979. The affairs of state of Pakistan protracted all budding benefaction to the mujaheddin to emancipate Afghanistan. Besides, Pakistan housed more than 3 million Afghan refugees and they are standing live in attendance.

However, the era of Taliban and Pakistan's prop to the hardliner polity left-handed philosophical scars on folks of the two countries. Afghanistan believes Pakistan and its secret agencies are bringing up the rear the recent rush in insurgency in Afghanistan. Pakistan denies and allegations and says the Afghan rule was liable for creating shakiness in Pakistan's bounds areas in agreement near India, Pakistan's doorway challenger. Pakistan denies maintain to Taliban and says it was itself martyr of Taliban's and al-Qaeda coercion.

Q) In your individualised view, what do you see in the approaching for Afghanistan?

A) The prospective of Afghanistan is uninviting unless the Afghan parliament and the worldwide municipal know some facts:

That Pashtuns, the biggest ethnic community, essential be given their due allocation in all the governmental slots and the reconstruction projects.

The earlier mujaheddin era glory days minister and of import of the biggest part of Afghanistan (Hezb-i-Islami) Gulbuddin Hekmatyar must be allowed to revisit to the rustic and bring together the authorities.

The Taliban must be titled for conference.

All warlords and commanders must be disarmed.

A dear war on poppies essential be carried out.

Those are the key stairs which are essentially connected to guarantee. And when peace is achieved, opposite teething troubles close to corruption, stipulation of basic facilities etc would be reflexively achieved.

This interview as well appears on American Chronicle, Associated Content and Gather.

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