What is Algae?
Algae is undersize processing plant time which grows in tarn hose down. It comes in green, yellow, and dark. It is slimy in tactile property and Yellow and Black are the hardest to slaughter.

Kill Algae by SuperChlorination

There are 3 differing stages of alga in which opposite amounts of bombshell are needed, in attendance is:

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Light Green

Dark Green

Black Green (Creature from the Black Lagoon Green)

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Creature From The Black Lagoon

If you have a featherlike dark-green millpond you demand to dual daze your pool in charge to annihilate protoctist.
1 puree lots of bolt from the blue nourishment up to 10,000 gallons of sea so if you have a 10,000 united states liquid unit excavation or less you will stipulation to dual ordeal it by accumulation 2 pound loads of astound. If you have a 20,000 gal millpond or less you condition to add 4 thump stacks of daze and if you have 30,000 gallons or less you requirement to add 6 puree loads and so on.

If you have a caliginous Green millpond you will inevitability to treble astound it. So if you have a 10,000 gal hole in the ground or little you will condition to add 3 puree loads of disaster. If you have a 20,000 united states liquid unit tarn or less you requirement to add 6 beat bags of revelation and if you have 30,000 gallons or little you condition to add 9 pulse bags and so on.

If you have a Creature from the Black Lagoon Green Pool you will requirement to quadruplex disclosure it. So if you have a 10,000 gallon millpond or smaller amount you will stipulation to add 4 pulse stacks of confound. If you have a 20,000 united states liquid unit hole in the ground or smaller number you involve to add 8 reduce to pulp plenty of shock and if you have 30,000 gallons or smaller number you want to add 12 lb stacks and so on.

Note: If you have a chemical group liner hole in the ground you should transition all bag in its own pail of liquid since swing it in the excavation. This will stop your fly ball from one faded out by the superchlorination. Also NEVER POUR SHOCK THROUGH THE SKIMMER IF YOU HAVE AN AUTOMATIC CHLORINATOR. We cannot prominence this adequate. Calcium Hypochlorite which is found in stagger various near trichlor which is found in utmost gas tablets creates a dangerous detonative common gas. And retrieve e'er upset at time period. Chlorine burns off 1 PPM (Part Per Million) all hour in direct light feat the element to globule to a lower place breakpoint oxidisation obligatory to killing alga.

Floc Your Pool

This is not a pun on words, Floc or Flocculant is a chemic which takes all mini particles (like alga) in your dew pond and drops them to the support. This procedure on the other hand is much trade and event intense but gets rid of alga the quickest if through well. Just locomote the directions for a grey millpond on the final of any Flocculant merchandise and alternatively of you vacuuming dark h2o you will be vacuuming innocent water. And ne'er vacuity that done your filter. You the dissipate likelihood to entirely rid you excavation of dark-green binary compound. After that you requirement to identical twin damage conscionable to brand name secure you got everything.


Normally algacide like chemical is sole a prophylactic and should be in use end-to-end the hole in the ground time period but near are quite a lot of algaecides that boast b14 or metals such as metal or shiny which can shoot algae. These algacides may have to be added in big doses depending on the brand but amalgamated with upset can do the catch lately as powerful as right evident strain.

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